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Prodigy’s “Masquerade” in Review

While the Protostar crew is hiding in the Neutral Zone, Dal has become jealous of Okona and the attention he’s receiving. They’re searching for a starport to make repairs. Okona

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Prodigy’s “Crossroads” in Review

Stardate 61302.7: Following the lesson they learned in “All the World’s a Stage” about how much can be accomplished without a ship, Dal and crew leave the Protostar to contact

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Star Trek, Issue #1” 2022 Comic in Review

This is the first issue of a new comic series that serves as a postscript to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Since I am a fan of the show, I

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Prodigy’s “All the World’s a Stage” in Review

In Star Trek: Prodigy’s most recent installment, the Protostar crew answer a distress call and discover a highly unusual alien civilization. The alien natives seem to have adopted a disjointed

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Prodigy‘s “Let Sleeping Borg Lie” in Review

As the episode opens, Dal, Gwyn, Jankom, Zero, Rok-Tahk, Murf, and Hologram Janeway are on the holodeck, watching a simulation of events previously seen in “A Moral Star, Part 2”. The

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Prodigy‘s “Asylum” in Review

Beneath the waves of an alien planet, a group of spear-throwing poachers are hunting a whale-like sea creature. Following close behind in a small underwater craft, Gwyn, Dal, and Jankom

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