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The Music Makers of Star Trek: Alexander Courage

Whenever the original 1960s NBC TV series Star Trek is discussed, one aspect continues to emerge as a critical part of the show’s success — its music. Show creator Gene

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Interview with Max Grodénchik, Part 2: The Fate of the Ferengi

In this second part of our interview, Max Grodénchik — most notable for portraying Rom throughout DS9 — presents his views on Star Trek convention appearances, singing in the DS9

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Picard’s “Võx” in Review

Star Trek: Picard races to its thrilling climax with an exceptional penultimate episode. It resolves a key plot point and sets up the show’s endgame. Summary Continuing from the previous

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Interview with Max Grodénchik, Part 1: Remembering Rom

Few Star Trek actors have had a role that transforms so much during a series as Max Grodénchik’s Rom in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Rom begins as Quark’s scared,

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Picard’s “Surrender” in Review

Action-filled and deeply moving, this eighth installment is the best episode in Star Trek: Picard’s third season so far. It propels Season 3’s overall narrative forward in a shocking way

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Star Trek: Crew in Review

Long before she canonically gained the name “Una” in Discovery and Strange New Worlds, John Byrne wrote and illustrated several adventures of Number One from “The Cage”. They were originally

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