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David Mack on the Sounds of Firewall

From the age of about eleven, David Mack has found that music inspires his writing. It definitely proved inspirational when it came to writing his new Star Trek: Picard prequel

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Star Trek: Picard’s Academy, Issue #5 in Review

This fifth issue of Picard’s Academy (whose French subtitle, “Dans la Gueule du Loup”, appropriately translates as “In the Mouth of the Wolf”) wraps up a Romulan-centric cliffhanger and makes

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An Interview with Upcoming Star Trek Movie Actress Farah Foster-Manning

Farah Foster-Manning, an elite triathlete and actress, not only has the distinction of appearing as an extra in two modern Star Trek shows but is about to make the leap

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David Mack on Firewall

With Star Trek: Picard having stunned its highly engaged audience, a series of tie-in novels related to the Secret Hideout-produced TV series continues to be published, portraying events prior to

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The Original Series’ “A Taste of Armageddon” in Review

“I didn’t start it, councilman. But I’m liable to finish it.” — Kirk The Hollywood Reporter ranked this episode fifty-third best of all Star Trek franchise television prior to Discovery.

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