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Webmaster of WarpFactorTrek, Dan is an avid Star Trek fan who lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. Also known as “The Scotch Trekker”, Dan has loved Star Trek ever since discovering it in his childhood. He worked as an administrator, for six years, on the encyclopedic Star Trek website Memory Alpha, which involved studying the making of the various series and films. He has been mentioned in the official Star Trek Magazine and has qualified from a Star Trek course run at Glasgow Clyde College. Nowadays, he runs The Scotch Trekker YouTube channel, which regularly features live interviews with the cast and crew of Star Trek.

Warp Factor Trek celebrates Star Trek‘s 55th Anniversary

Fifty-five years.Fifty-five years of Kirk, Spock and McCoy.Fifty-five years of the Enterprise, log entries and multi-colored Starfleet uniforms. Of transporters, phasers and tricorders. Of alien shapeshifters and inquisitive humans. Of

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