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Frank Kennedy writes and performs original material for thoughtful audiences including a once, sold out off-Broadway stage in the pre-pandemic days. He blends his skills as a storyteller, provocateur, and sleight-of-hand magician telling poignant stories of fatherhood with sons living on the Autism Spectrum. Watching Star Trek almost daily with his Mom as a teen - during the post-cancelation syndicated-rerun days of The Original Series - he is proud that he was part of the fan enthusiasm that turned Trek into a continuum of shows and films, rather than a forgotten canceled show with poor ratings. Along with devouring new Trek content, he has filled his life with adventures to over sixty countries, boldly going and learning about cultures on the planet Earth.

An Interview with WFT Editor Dan Leckie

A few days before The Scotch Trekker turns forty years old, he paused his work on Warp Factor Trek to share his passion for Star Trek and several key projects

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Prodigy’s “Terror Firma” in Review

The previous episode establishes the stakes: Murder Planet vs. Prodigy Kids. The Prodigy six are stranded on a planet which is actually a sentient being that desires to consume all new life for

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Prodigy’s “Dream Catcher” in Review

Star Trek: Prodigy’s first “captain’s log” voiceover opens this episode. Dal is trying the record log as a concession to Hologram Janeway. The hologram, still training who she naïvely assumes are

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Interview with J.G. Hertzler

A few days before Christmas, Mr. J.G. Hertzler agreed to an in-depth Zoom interview for Warp Factor Trek. However, when the dark waiting room screen transitioned into his country home

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Prodigy’s “Starstruck” in Review

I was starstruck from an early age by Star Trek, through daily viewing TOS reruns after school. The show’s adventures and characters captured my imagination. This capacity of Star Trek

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Prodigy‘s “Lost & Found” in Review

Over the decades – since devouring the TOS series over and over in the syndicated rerun era – my mantra to skeptical Trek fans as movies and new series have

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