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A staff writer on Star Trek: Voyager, Lisa Klink worked on that series for three years. She has also worked on several other shows, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Roswell, and Pandora. Lisa has written or co-written four novels, as well as short stories, graphic novels and screenplays.

Writing the Teaser of “Hippocratic Oath”

The teaser of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Hippocratic Oath” included opening scenes from both the A plot, with Bashir and O’Brien being captured by the Jem’Hadar, and

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My Experience Writing DS9’s “Hippocratic Oath”

It was the fourth time I had come in to Deep Space Nine to pitch stories. I had sent in a Next Generation script, which had opened the door for

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Almost Human

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, android Data aspired to be more human. Star Trek: Voyager featured three characters who wrestled with their humanity: B’Elanna Torres, Seven of Nine, and

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How to Pitch Stories for Star Trek

When I was on the writing staff of Star Trek: Voyager, one of my duties was to take pitches every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. So, how did writers get in

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