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Ruth Anne Amsden has been a Trekkie since she was a ten-year-old reader voraciously devouring Star Trek novels (her family did not allow television in the home). She is working toward her first BA and aspiring to professionally write Star Trek novels as love letters to the novels she loved growing up.

How DS9 Saved My Life During Hard Times

I’ve shared loads about how influential DS9 has been to me in my life. I’ve shared how it inspired me to become a writer, a feminist, and a deeply spiritual

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Humble Servant Leadership: A Reflection on Best Destiny’s Captain April

“Charge means responsibility, Jimmy, decisions. Maybe lives on your hands.” This is one of the life lessons that Captain Robert April passes down to troubled sixteen-year-old Jim Kirk in Diane

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How Deep Space Nine Inspired Me to Become a Writer

I was a Niner growing up, before the term “Niner” was even coined to describe a fan of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The series profoundly shaped who I’d become

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When the Battle’s Lost and Won: A Reflection on Coda Book I, Moments Asunder

As the final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation taught us, all good things must come to an end. The continuity of the Star Trek novels is a very

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An Unsung Hero: Final Frontier‘s Captain April

Are you familiar with the first captain of the starship USS Enterprise? I don’t mean Captain Kirk, or Captain Pike, or even Captain Archer. I’m talking about Captain Robert April.

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True Believers Connected in the Third Season of Star Trek: Discovery

Season Three of Star Trek: Discovery won me over to the series. I had serious concerns about the first two seasons, but the show’s writers and producers got it beautifully

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