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Welcome to Wonderland – Memories of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

“My friends… we’ve come home.” Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home was my very first inkling, as an eleven-year-old girl nerd, that Star Trek could be a part of my

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Recalling First Contact, The Movie!

A review of the real, official, no-kidding First Contact “First” contact, you say? “First”? Really?! Although most first contacts in Star Trek have admittedly been when the Federation has been

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Celebrating the 27th Anniversary of Star Trek Generations

Mesmerizing. That was my first impression as the lights dimmed and the vast expanse of space opened up before my eyes. The music was hauntingly beautiful and alluring. I was

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Star Trek Reboot: The Perfect First Installment

With the 55th anniversary of the launch of the Star Trek franchise, it had me thinking about one of the most important questions that harkens back to the original series.

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The Importance of Star Trek: Insurrection in 2021

Star Trek: Insurrection is a movie that exists. It’s not disliked on the same level of other Star Trek movies like The Final Frontier or Nemesis, but it’s also not

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