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Star Trek, Issue #1” 2022 Comic in Review

This is the first issue of a new comic series that serves as a postscript to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Since I am a fan of the show, I

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Lower Decks Comic Issue #2 in Review

IDW enlisted the sharp experience and talent of writer Ryan North and artist Chris Fenoglio to release a self-contained Lower Decks comic trilogy. While the miniseries was created to function

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Interview with Lower Decks Comics Artist Chris Fenoglio

I recently spoke with Chris Fenoglio, the artist tapped for the new Lower Decks comic series. The debut issue is part one of a new trilogy that will continue over

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Lower Decks Comic Issue #1 in Review

This first issue of IDW‘s new Lower Decks comic was written by a well-established and award-winning comic writer, Ryan North. North has a broad range of experience, spanning from Adventure

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Power Records’ Star Trek Adventures

One Christmas morning in the late 1970s, snow at the window (one of the few times I can remember an actual white Christmas in the UK), I tore open a

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Star Trek Returns to the Mirror Universe with The Mirror War

Of all the branches of the Star Trek franchise, the Mirror Universe has proven to be one of the most fascinating. Begun in 1967 with the classic episode “Mirror, Mirror”

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