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O Captain, My Captain! A Reflection on My Favorite Star Trek Captain

“Who’s your favorite Star Trek captain?” I’m so glad you asked. My favorite is Robert April. Let me tell you why. Growing up in a strict Christian sect in the

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Shades of Grey – Examining the Moral Complexities of Star Trek Characters

Over the years, Star Trek has presented some fantastic villains, like the sleazebag scammer Harry Mudd, the powerful “Pope Karen” Kai Winn, and “Space Hitler” Gul Dukat. However, there are

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Why Star Trek is Real Science Fiction

I have been watching Star Trek, all the series and movies, since it premiered on September 8th, 1966 (yes, I am that old…), and the one thing about Star Trek

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Discussions with The Delta Flyers

For years, actor Garrett Wang had considered doing a podcast about his experiences playing Ensign Harry Kim on Star Trek: Voyager. Then, the pandemic came along, and it seemed like

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Trek or Treat: The Top 5 Scariest Scenes in Star Trek

If you were to ask someone what their favourite horror movies or TV shows are, it’s very unlikely they would say Star Trek. Obviously, that’s because Trek is primarily a

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