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An Interview with Fred Bronson, Part 2: The ’70s

Fred Bronson, who wrote an episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series (i.e., “The Counter-Clock Incident”) and co-wrote installments of The Next Generation (“Ménage à Troi” and “The Game”), describes himself as someone

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Perceiving Prodigy

A Family-Friendly Final Frontier I was intensely skeptical when a kid-friendly Star Trek animated show for Nickelodeon was announced back in 2019. The show didn’t yet have a title then,

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My “Second Contact” with Lower Decks

When I first learned about the existence of Star Trek: Lower Decks, I was extremely hesitant to watch it, having found that the original animated Star Trek series, with its

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A Review of Star Trek: Prodigy

Introducing My Son to Trek “We’ve only just begun.” – Janeway Hologram to Dal, “Starstruck” Star Trek: Prodigy, the new animated series for Nickelodeon, has at long last made it

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Red Alarm – Cetacean, Licorice Humor Trek for the Ages!

When I recently invited my eleven-year-old son to rewatch Season 2 of Lower Decks with me because I intended to review it, I received the enthusiastic “Yes!” that I expected.

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Interview with Bonnie Gordon – Star Trek: Prodigy‘s Computer Voice

For Star Trek: Prodigy, what was your casting process like? When I first saw they were auditioning for an animated Star Trek project, I pulled every string I could to

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