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Voyager‘s “Caretaker” in Review

Star Trek: Voyager’s pilot episode, the two-part “Caretaker”, had to accomplish several goals. It needed to introduce nine regular characters, plus the premise of the series, as well as getting

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“Threshold” is the Reason I Became a Trekkie (And It’s Good, Actually!)

If you’ve spent any amount of time amongst other Trekkies, eventually this question will come up: what was the episode that got you into Star Trek? A lot of my

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Fact or Fiction: Suspending Disbelief in Star Trek: Voyager

How often do you find yourself questioning the reality of a situation on TV or in movies? Do you wonder ‘how did they do that?’, or ‘where did they get

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Appreciating Star Trek: Voyager – Along with a Good Cup of Coffee

The year was 1995, and new content wasn’t as frequent as it is nowadays, in the ‘a-whole-generation-of-kids-have-grown-up-with-the-Internet’ era. But many of us die-hard Trekkies were overjoyed. A new series was

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Almost Human

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, android Data aspired to be more human. Star Trek: Voyager featured three characters who wrestled with their humanity: B’Elanna Torres, Seven of Nine, and

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