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The Original Series‘ “Where No Man Has Gone Before” in Review

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” is the second pilot episode of the original Star Trek series. Produced in the aftermath of “The Cage” (Star Trek‘s first pilot), this follow-up

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The Legacy of Star Trek‘s 2nd pilot

“Where No Man Has Gone Before”, the second pilot produced for Star Trek, has had a vitally important, lasting legacy. How it would be received was initially essential to executing

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Producing Star Trek‘s 2nd pilot

The making of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” was an eventful period. Not only was the episode’s casting process officially a “go” from 11 June 1965 but so was,

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Casting Star Trek‘s 2nd pilot

With Star Trek getting a second chance and the script for the show’s second pilot having been written, casting of the episode got underway. Although “Where No Man Has Gone

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Writing Star Trek‘s 2nd pilot

The development and scripting of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” In February 1965, executives at the National Broadcasting Company rejected Gene Roddenberry’s pilot “The Cage”. Star Trek was dead!

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In the Aftermath of “The Cage”

Analyzing the aftereffects of the first Star Trek pilot The legacy that “The Cage”, Star Trek‘s very first produced episode (and first pilot, specifically) has had, in my opinion, cannot

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