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Eric Webb’s Star Trek XIII

During the interim between 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness and 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, ideas were bandied about regarding what story should be told in the third installment of the

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“Tournament of Decision” – My Unproduced Star Trek: The Next Generation Script

After Selling to TNG, I Wrote a Second Next Generation Teleplay “Aren’t you beginning to feel time gaining on you, Picard? It’s like a predator; it’s stalking you….” – Soran, Star

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Star Trek: Phase II – The Story of the Lost Series

With live-action Star Trek having been canceled in 1969 but the popularity of Star Trek soaring in the 1970s (The Animated Series running between 1973 and 1974), Paramount were thinking,

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DS9: “Status Quo” summary

A summary of a story outline by Nick Corea, which became the basis for the DS9 episode “Hippocratic Oath” Due to some necessary repairs, space station DS9 was being manned

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Writing TNG: “Checkmate”

Some of my memories related to Star Trek: The Next Generation came as a result of my love of writing. In 1990, the film The Hunt for Red October hit

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