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How to Pitch Stories for Star Trek

When I was on the writing staff of Star Trek: Voyager, one of my duties was to take pitches every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. So, how did writers get in

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What Star Trek Means to Me

Growing up, I used to watch Star Trek; this is before it was called “TOS” (i.e., “The Original Series“) because it was the only Star Trek show on television. The

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Star Trek Fans: The Most Loyal in All the Galaxy

Trekkers, Trekkies, Whatever You Call Yourself, Unite to Support Our Sci-Fi Love! Incoming Subspace Message: Star Trek lovers unite, across the galaxy! Fire up your delirious dilithium crystals to warp-power

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New Star Trek Book Celebrates the Legacy of the Franchise

Not many series can say they’ve lasted fifty-five years and continue to endure. Star Trek is an exception, since it has not only endured but has also continued to evolve and expand. Since its debut in

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Warp Factor Trek celebrates Star Trek‘s 55th Anniversary

Fifty-five years.Fifty-five years of Kirk, Spock and McCoy.Fifty-five years of the Enterprise, log entries and multi-colored Starfleet uniforms. Of transporters, phasers and tricorders. Of alien shapeshifters and inquisitive humans. Of

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