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This is a short but colourful book by Hero Collector, devoted, as the title implies, to Star Trek cocktails, both in-universe and in reality. The actual cocktails include both traditional ones with a Trekked-up name (e.g. the “23rd-Century Manhattan” or “Ferengi Wallbanger”) and ones newly inspired by the franchise.

The book opens with a nice introductory chapter analysing the cultural backgrounds to the portrayal of alcohol in the franchise, both in the real world and in the various periods that the series are set in. This is actually a really interesting subject I haven’t seen covered before, and author Glenn Dakin makes it worthy of attention. In fact, I’d really love to see a longer chapter, or a whole academic book, covering this matter in more depth.

That said, the title and publicity tell us, in no uncertain terms, that this is a cocktail recipe book. So, is it a good book, and are the cocktails any good and worth a go? Short answer: Absolutely!

Following the introductory chapter (which, like the index pages, oddly isn’t listed on the contents page), there are seven themed chapters, each containing an average of five or so cocktail recipes of various kinds: “First Contact” has aperitifs, “Shore Leave” features ones for chilling out, “Holodeck Honeymoon” for romantic-themed ones, etc. Each chapter has some Trek-named drinks illustrated with either a lovely photo or some of Adrian Salmon’s art, or both, and ends with a smile-inducing transcript of an appropriate scene from an episode or film.

In general, the cocktails are mostly based on gin, rum, vodka, or bourbon, with some other fancier bases, and involve a lot of syrup and fruit. Diabetics like myself may want to be watchful of what they sample from here, given that – while spirits can depress blood sugar – the amount of sugars and sweet stuff mixed in may drive it up instead.

Not all the cocktails here will be to everyone’s taste, depending on your liking for pineapple, melon, or whatever, but I can totally recommend the Set Chasers To Stun, Ferengi Wallbanger, T’Pol’s Vulcan Grasshopper, and the (diabetically-less-friendly-so-extra-meds-of-bolus-shots-it-is) To Bibble With Tribbles, which is a creamy coffee chocolatey heaven. I could do without the spicy Tilly’s Ping Pong Beer, but your mileage may vary.

Rating: 4/5

So, from the interesting opening article to a load of fine and workable cocktails, nice art, great photos, and a handy index, this is all good stuff. With one caveat – the Live Long And Prosper aperitif lists the fictional Trixian bubble juice as an ingredient without giving a specific real equivalent. However, this is most commonly made for convention parties with guava juice and sparkling soda water. So, there you go! On a crossover note, Beverly’s Bone Crusher is highly reminiscent of the Brivari recipe from the old Dining on Babylon 5 cookbook, and might blow a hole in your head. Pick your poison, illogical as that may be in a bar, and enjoy, while I mix up some Sisko’s Sazerac and a Warp Core Breach after payday…

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