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The hype is justified! In its third and final season, Star Trek: Picard is the series you’ve always wished it to be.

Season 3, although connected to the show’s previous two seasons, has been designed to stand on its own as a ten-hour TNG movie. This makes it instantly more accessible to the mainstream audience, from the opening moments of the first episode through the initial six installments I have been lucky enough to see.

The characters in this season are treated with love and reverence by showrunner Terry Matalas, who has created a story that thrills, surprises, and takes the franchise in a bold new direction. Although plot points are shrouded in secrecy, the overarching story links back to the Berman era, which is deeply intriguing for long-term fans.

Patrick Stewart as Picard (Paramount+)

It’s worth noting how strong a performance Sir Patrick Stewart delivers this time around. He feels closer to the Jean-Luc Picard we are familiar with, just slightly wiser and seasoned. Stewart has added more emotional layers to the character. Simply through his facial expressions, he very touchingly shows deep regret and sadness.

Production-wise, Dave Blass and his talented production team continue with their excellent work from Season 2, presenting a version of Starfleet that feels real and functional. As a series, Picard looks cinematic, with great-looking sets. The effects shots throughout the season are first-rate and an improvement over the washed-out, slightly out-of focus shots in other modern Star Trek series.

Another highlight of this season is the score, by Stephen Barton. It feels more like accompanying music to a cinematic adventure rather than a TV series. The score admirably plays tribute to Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner as well as every other Trek composer who has come before, and Barton’s original music cues are just as impressive.

Showrunner/Executive Producer Terry Matalas (Paramount+)

The biggest credit for this season must go to Terry Matalas. The third season is clearly influenced by the fact he knows the Star Trek universe inside out and holds deep reverence for the TOS movies, as he has mentioned countless times. The episodes are littered with ties back to all eras of the Star Trek franchise. One particular scene in episode six had me pausing the television and pointing at it in awe, mouth agape.

There’s also a moment towards the end of episode four where I realised that this series has knocked the ball out of the park in regards to creating one of the greatest Star Trek experiences of all time. I feel this series will be talked about for years to come and has the potential to be a launching pad for a whole new generation of stories.

There are also several legacy characters that appear, particularly one who has a meaningful impact on the entire story. The fact that Matalas chose to include this character was bold and pays off beautifully.

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 is an unmitigated success, with a beautifully created story as well as fantastic performances from cast members new and old. This show is definitely something special, and I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

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