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David A McIntee is a writer and historian who has written for properties such as Doctor Who, Star Wars, Final Destination, and Stargate, as well as having written several adventures in the Star Trek franchise for Pocket Books. He has contributed many pieces to the magazines Star Trek Explorer (née Star Trek Magazine) and Star Trek Communicator, as well as having written nonfiction books about Star Trek: Voyager.

Discovery‘s “…But to Connect” in Review

Following on from the last couple of episodes, the crew of Discovery are faced with deciding how to handle the future of Zora, the ship’s increasingly self-aware and emotionally-engaged computer.

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Discovery‘s “Stormy Weather” in Review

Jonathan Frakes returns to the Director’s chair for a lower-key but much more focussed episode – which is appropriate, considering the subject matter, and plays as if it’s, in some

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Discovery‘s “The Examples” in Review

Examples, eh? Good examples to set, or bad examples? That’s the obvious question to instinctively ask, and, as it turns out, the answer is a mixture of both. As you’d

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Discovery‘s “All is Possible” in Review

There’s some good Discovery to talk about in episode four of the show’s fourth season. Following on in the same vein as last week, “All Is Possible” offers us clear

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Discovery‘s “Choose to Live” in Review

Following what was effectively a two-part opener to the season, the third episode has a fairly standalone main plotline, and B and C plots with some closure and some changes

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Discovery‘s “Anomaly” in Review

Following on from last week’s cliffhanger of the destruction of Booker’s home planet, Kweijan, Starfleet is dealing with the problem of what is causing the deadly gravitational waveforms, while the

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Discovery‘s “Kobayashi Maru” in Review

The fourth season premiere kickstarted the show Discovery has returned for a fourth season, with new virtual sets as well as the previously existing ones, new uniforms, and new exclusive

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