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Growing up watching Star Trek every Saturday and yelling at the television when the Borg assimilated Captain Picard, Brian has been a passionate Star Trek fan for as long as he can remember. He is a pastor and is also a recording artist who loves to write and produce his own music.  Brian lives in Canton, Ohio with his wife, Devon; his daughter, Payton Joy; his son, Brody Tiberius; and their dog, Data.

Celebrating the 27th Anniversary of Star Trek Generations

Mesmerizing. That was my first impression as the lights dimmed and the vast expanse of space opened up before my eyes. The music was hauntingly beautiful and alluring. I was

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Falling in Love with TNG All Over Again

I remember watching TNG when it first aired on syndicated television back in ’86. I was mesmerized and completely hooked from the beginning. My imagination came alive aboard the Enterprise-D,

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