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Growing up with Star Trek, Brooke Pérez was first exposed to the show as a young girl, watching The Next Generation after school while her mother was at work. In those episodes, she found family, and friends. Later in life, she decided to see where Trek began and started watching TOS, and then Enterprise. Enterprise affected her deeply and helped her through a difficult time in her life where she lost a loved one. Now, she spends her time avidly consuming all forms of Star Trek, especially the books.

Recalling Travis Mayweather

It’s kind of a strange thing, to be a ship’s captain. When thinking of the word “captain,” I visualize the commanding officer piloting the ship. However, the captain actually relies

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I Identify with Hoshi Sato

Probably everyone has experienced some form of anxiety. An important factor is how much it interferes with each of our lives. Some days will be better than others. That’s okay.

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