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Cristian Fox is a hardcore Trekkie. By day, he is a community mediator who tries to help resolve conflicts (as inspired by Captain Picard himself). By night, he is either watching Trek or talking about it on his podcast/YouTube channel, Yelling About Star Trek.

That is Now Your Chair: Loss, Grief, and Guinan

Late last month, I lost my mother due to cancer. Before I continue, I do want to say that I’m alright and working though things. I realize that, as I

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The Importance of Star Trek: Insurrection in 2021

Star Trek: Insurrection is a movie that exists. It’s not disliked on the same level of other Star Trek movies like The Final Frontier or Nemesis, but it’s also not

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No-One Is Alone on the Enterprise: Stress and Star Trek

The date is July 6th 2021 at 9:45pm and as I write this, it’s day 1 million of the COVID pandemic. I’m used to the pandemic, but it’s still very

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