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Editor of WarpFactorTrek, Dan is an avid Star Trek fan who lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. Dan has loved Star Trek ever since discovering it in his childhood. He worked as an administrator, for six years, on the encyclopedic Star Trek website Memory Alpha, which involved studying the making of the various series and films. He has been mentioned in the official Star Trek Magazine, has qualified from a Star Trek course taught at Glasgow Clyde College, and coordinates the SubSpace Chatter (formerly The Scotch Trekker) YouTube channel, which regularly features live interviews with the cast and crew of Star Trek.

The Animated Series’ “More Tribbles, More Troubles” in Review

Here’s a sequel to “The Trouble with Tribbles”. Does it measure up to its enormously popular progenitor? Are there any tribbles — I mean troubles — with this episode? Let’s

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very Short Treks’ “Walk, Don’t Run” in Review

Even though this might not be the most popular opinion, I’ve genuinely loved very Short Treks. Each episode has kept the viewer entertained while shedding new light on strange new

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The Animated Series’ “The Lorelei Signal” in Review

This episode is inspired by an alluring mythological figure. But is the episode itself as appealing? Summary Travelling through a mysterious sector where starships have disappeared, the Enterprise receives an

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The Animated Series’ “One of Our Planets is Missing” in Review

Here’s a predecessor to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. In this episode, an intergalactic cloud serves as a conceptual precursor to V’ger and Spock has a bizarre mind meld… Summary

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The Animated Series‘ “Yesteryear” in Review

Of all the episodes from Star Trek: The Animated Series, this installment has been discussed the most. I guided its Memory Alpha article to “Featured” status. Here, I’ll share my

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The Original Series’ “The Naked Time” in Review

In this episode, the Enterprise encounters a mind-altering disease that affects the crew like alcohol. It’s time to strip the episode naked! Summary The Enterprise orbits Psi 2000, a frozen planet about to disintegrate. Beaming

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Bernadette Croft on SNW Season 2

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing SNW Costume Designer Bernadette Croft. We previously discussed the first couple of episodes from Season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Consequently,

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The Animated Series’ “Beyond the Farthest Star” in Review

Star Trek: The Animated Series is exactly fifty years old, inviting reflection on its beginnings and series premiere. How did the show start? Was the first installment enjoyable? Let’s delve

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An Interview with Model Maker Kim Smith

I recently enjoyed interviewing Kim Smith, who has worked as a model maker on three of the thirteen Star Trek feature films. Among many other films in general, she has

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