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David Page has been a fan of Star Trek since it started in syndiction in the early 1970s. He premiered Scoring Star Trek on YouTube in April 2021, and now has over thirty videos on the composers, themes, motifs, and production of this music, with more to come. He is an active musician and singer in the Kansas City area, and has been a songwriter and recording artist.

The Original Series’ “A Taste of Armageddon” in Review

“I didn’t start it, councilman. But I’m liable to finish it.” — Kirk The Hollywood Reporter ranked this episode fifty-third best of all Star Trek franchise television prior to Discovery.

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The Musical Legacy of Star Trek: The Original Series

For the past two years, I’ve been developing a series of YouTube videos I call Scoring Star Trek. The viewer comments have impressed me and reveal a still-abiding appreciation for

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The Music Makers of Star Trek – Fred Steiner

A total of eight composers were hired to score and conduct the music used in all three seasons of the original Star Trek series. I’d like to look into the

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The Music Makers of Star Trek: Alexander Courage

Whenever the original 1960s NBC TV series Star Trek is discussed, one aspect continues to emerge as a critical part of the show’s success — its music. Show creator Gene

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The Music Makers of Star Trek: Gerald Fried

The Star Trek universe has just lost the last of The Original Series’ music composers, Gerald Fried, who passed away 17th February 2023, just days after his 95th birthday. By

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