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A Canadian musician and artist specializing in working with special/exceptional needs students, Eve Zellick plays multiple instruments, composes, and arranges music transcriptions through an online publishing house - including the amazing music of the Star Trek Universe. Eve loves cosplay and has been a fan of Star Trek since her early teens, watching episodes in syndication while completing homeschool and university studies. A crush on a certain Ensign inspired her to pick up clarinet. Eve’s favourite characters include Lwaxana Troi, Elim Garak, and Phillipa Georgiou, her favourite soundtrack is TNG’s “The Inner Light”, and her favourite series are DS9 and Lower Decks. Eve’s other hobbies include Legend of Zelda games, exploring the outdoors with her dog Mushu, and finding herself in random situations and adventures.

Interview with Composer Jay Chattaway

I recently had the honor of interviewing Jay Chattaway, a longtime music composer for Star Trek from 1990 to 2005. WarpFactorTrek: When did you know your path was that of

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