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Grayson Thagard is a sci-fi fan from the US who is currently looking for his next mission after a twenty-five-year career in cable news, where he wrote and produced for several national broadcasts, including Morning Express with Robin Meade. Grayson also managed social media for HLN (CNN’s sister network) and served on the team that created digital content for Investigation Discovery. Star Trek has been a part of his life since he watched Spock mind-meld with a ‘lasagna monster’ on The Original Series in syndication in the ’70s. More recently, Grayson can be heard reviewing “the Moopsie episode” of Lower Decks as a guest-host on the Let’s Talk About Treks podcast.

Incoming Transmission: Four MORE Podcasts for Trekkies

When I pitched a series of Star Trek podcast reviews for Warp Factor Trek, I wasn’t exactly sure what that would look like. After all, I’m not interested in writing

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very Short Treks’ “Holograms All the Way Down” in Review

Let’s be honest. These very Short Treks are controversial at best and downright derided by the Star Trek fanbase at worst. The social media platform formerly known as Twitter is

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Incoming Transmission: Four Podcasts for Trekkies

As a person without many opportunities to do so in my day-to-day, there’s something energizing about hanging out with another Trekkie and discussing the continuing voyages of the starship Enterprise

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