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Atlanta, Georgia native Matt Sweatman has always been familiar with Star Trek but became a fan with the debut of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987. The political and social ideas presented in the show resonated with the teen and provided a compelling science fiction franchise for a child of Star Wars and other '70s and '80s sci-fi. Soon he was caught up with all the episodes of The Original Series and the movies, as well as with the classic Pocket Books novels of the era. Today, he and his wife Elaine not only write for Warp Factor Trek but also enthusiastically comment on current Trek and other genre programs through Facebook in the groups The ESO Network, Earth Station Who, and naturally, Earth Station Trek.

Enterprise‘s “Fortunate Son” in Review

Ensign Travis Mayweather has regularly regaled the crew with what I like to call his “tales of a boomer”. These stories of growing up on a private freighter vessel are

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Enterprise‘s “Terra Nova” in Review

The title of this episode refers to the name of the first Earth colony outside the solar system. The mission to learn the colony’s fate provides a glimpse into early

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Enterprise‘s “Strange New World” in Review

Enterprise continues with an adventure to an uncharted planet that is, as promised, strange. It gives the show’s writing staff an opportunity to introduce us to more of the crew.

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Enterprise‘s “Broken Bow” in Review

My wife Elaine and I have recently begun a project to watch the Star Trek series in continuity order, and were encouraged by friends to post our thoughts and observations

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