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Pranakasha Matt a.k.a. Matt Weiss is a Musician, Composer, Actor, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Podcaster, YouTuber, and Chief Creative Officer of Pranakasha Productions. Matt began watching Star Trek TOS re-runs when he was eight years old, every day after school. A life-long Trekkie, he now writes, produces, directs, and acts in his award-winning fan series, Egotastic Trek, which can be best described as part Star Trek, part Comic Book, and part Elvis Movie. Matt is also an experienced interviewer, having featured many Star Trek actors, writers, and associates as guests on his show "Pranakasha Livestream". They include Tim Russ, John Billingsley, Noah Averbach-Katz, J.G. Hertzler, Nami Melumad, Sean Kenney, Marc Zicree, and others.

The Orville: The Best Trek?

When The Orville premiered in September 2017, the critics hated it, fans loved it, and soon the Internet was all abuzz with the notion that Seth MacFarlane had just created

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