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Roger McCoy is pretty sure he was watching Star Trek before he was born! He has contributed to the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds anthology series from Simon & Schuster (not directly related to the TV series of the same name) as well as a couple of unofficial Doctor Who anthologies. He believes a Star Trek story does not have to be canon to be good and does not have to be good to be canon, but if a story is Star Trek then you have his attention. He can be found online on his laptop in the other room; come on over and say hi! He's probably just looking at Star Trek news.

Prodigy’s “Preludes” in Review

Whereas most TV episodes have one or two and occasionally three or four credited writers, “Yesterday’s Enterprise” had as many as six, and both parts of Prodigy’s mid-season finale “A

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Prodigy’s “Masquerade” in Review

While the Protostar crew is hiding in the Neutral Zone, Dal has become jealous of Okona and the attention he’s receiving. They’re searching for a starport to make repairs. Okona

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Prodigy’s “Crossroads” in Review

Stardate 61302.7: Following the lesson they learned in “All the World’s a Stage” about how much can be accomplished without a ship, Dal and crew leave the Protostar to contact

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Prodigy’s “All the World’s a Stage” in Review

In Star Trek: Prodigy’s most recent installment, the Protostar crew answer a distress call and discover a highly unusual alien civilization. The alien natives seem to have adopted a disjointed

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Prodigy‘s “Let Sleeping Borg Lie” in Review

As the episode opens, Dal, Gwyn, Jankom, Zero, Rok-Tahk, Murf, and Hologram Janeway are on the holodeck, watching a simulation of events previously seen in “A Moral Star, Part 2”. The

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Why Care About Star Trek: Short Treks?

Star Trek: Short Treks is an odd little anomaly in Star Trek history. Is it a Star Trek series on its own or just a companion? Is it still continuing,

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