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S.M. Bryant Jr is a writer, artist and musician. He likes his replicated bananas: hot. His wife was an important catalyst in his fandom, as she was already well-versed in Trek by the time he came to it. The first Star Trek series he developed a fondness for was Star Trek: Voyager.
Nowadays, when he's not recording and mixing music with his musical counterpart Jay, he enjoys drawing his dogs, listening to Audible, buying every game but only playing some of them, and watching anything Star Trek, together with his wife.

Prodigy‘s “Asylum” in Review

Beneath the waves of an alien planet, a group of spear-throwing poachers are hunting a whale-like sea creature. Following close behind in a small underwater craft, Gwyn, Dal, and Jankom

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Star Trek: Prodigy‘s “Lost & Found” in Review

Featuring stunning CGI that would make any gamer happy, a mixed-species crew of prison planet miners, and a stunning cast of young and veteran talent, Star Trek: Prodigy is a

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