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As a nine-year-old watching Star Trek on September 8th, 1966, Stephen Mirkin was immediately hooked. Then as the years, series and movies came and went, he learned that his love of Star Trek was universal and that he was part of a community of fans who saw the same things he saw in it too. He describes himself as "one proud Trekker," and, now at age sixty-five, he feels that Star Trek "keeps me young, like I was at eight years old."

Re-viewing “Shuttlepod One” as a Stage Play

The audience has arrived at the theater. Playbills in hand, the usher walks the patrons to their respective seats with great anticipation. The audience sits quietly, the lights dim, and the

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Why Star Trek is Real Science Fiction

I have been watching Star Trek, all the series and movies, since it premiered on September 8th, 1966 (yes, I am that old…), and the one thing about Star Trek

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