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As a nine-year-old watching Star Trek on September 8th, 1966, Stephen Mirkin was immediately hooked. Then as the years, series and movies came and went, he learned that his love of Star Trek was universal and that he was part of a community of fans who saw the same things he saw in it too. He describes himself as "one proud Trekker," and, now at age sixty-five, he feels that Star Trek "keeps me young, like I was at eight years old."

Everything Old is New Again – Enterprise: “Broken Bow”

“Everything old is new again” is an expression I have heard so many times. What if it was applied to Star Trek? What if the showrunners of Star Trek, when

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My “Second Contact” with Lower Decks

When I first learned about the existence of Star Trek: Lower Decks, I was extremely hesitant to watch it, having found that the original animated Star Trek series, with its

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Three Plot Points Equal “Similitude”

A wise person once told me that every story written for a Star Trek episode has to have three plot points, and that they will come together at the end

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One Boy’s Dream Comes True – Star Trek: Horizon

When I was eleven years old, a school friend of mine (who could “borrow” his dad’s Super 8 mm film camera) and I would make short films. They were mostly

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Star Trek Federation – The First 150 Years Review

A Suggestion for Your First Star Trek Book Books, books, books. So many books about Star Trek, from technical manuals to novels to short stories to comics; it is all

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“What If?” – The Golden Anniversary of First Contact

It is the evening of April 5th, 2113. In his study, Zefram Cochrane is alone with his thoughts. The room is dark except for the fire burning in the fireplace.

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Recalling Star Trek: First Contact

A Review 25 Years in the Making What would you do if you found out the people you admired the most turned out to be total jerks? This is the

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Re-viewing “Shuttlepod One” as a Stage Play

The audience has arrived at the theater. Playbills in hand, the usher walks the patrons to their respective seats with great anticipation. The audience sits quietly, the lights dim, and the

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Why Star Trek is Real Science Fiction

I have been watching Star Trek, all the series and movies, since it premiered on September 8th, 1966 (yes, I am that old…), and the one thing about Star Trek

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