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A New York State certified Teacher of the Deaf from Long Island, Valerie Narr grew up watching Star Trek with her parents in the '90s, but didn’t become a full-fledged fan until she was in her twenties. Since her favorite Star Trek character is Deanna Troi, she nowadays (at the age of thirty) writes a weekly "Life Advice with Counselor Troi" segment on her Twitter page, to help spread positivity and lift the morale of others. Her other favourite pastimes include drawing, painting, writing, hiking, teaching herself Modern Greek, and spending time with her German Shepherd, Megan.

How the Character of Deanna Troi Helped Me Cope With My Sudden Deafness

After going deaf in both ears from Ménière’s Disease at age twenty-two, I felt lost and alone. That is, until I saw the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled

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