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Although she is a recent Star Trek fan, Vanessa quickly consumed the franchise in just a few years. After watching a selection of episodes curated by a partner, she watched the rest. The rest is what inspired her to start a YouTube channel called “I Love Bad Star Trek”, where she talks about episodes she thinks are skippable. Even if there are flaws, she loves that Star Trek doesn't stand for empty idealism, but challenges its audience to create a better future for everyone.

Star Trek Pride

Being on the margins makes it clear that those in power will hold on tightest to their ability to tell your story. My new home, Los Angeles, is a shrine

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Five Body-Swap Episodes

Body-swapping is a common fictional-media trope – a “Freaky Friday” phenomenon where one’s essence, “spirit,” or personality has been exchanged with another’s. A switch is flipped, a wand is waved,

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture Screening Event

It has been nearly forty-three years since Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released in its original form. Last night, at a screening which is to be the first of

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