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Fourteen months ago, I saw an amazing video by TrekMovie.com, advertising a build-your-own Enterprise-D. And what a build it would turn out to be!

The material of this build is a good quality, die-cast metal. What also is cool is that, if you order this release, you will receive LED lights to install, so essentially the whole model lights up. There are illuminated windows, engines and a deflector dish. And the saucer section is even detachable!

This is a model that will probably take you about two-point-five years to build. So, maybe you’re asking why it takes so long to construct. Well, that’s because you’re getting, each month, some pieces and a magazine with instruction but also a lot of background information. There will ultimately be forty issues of the magazine in the entire series.if you choose for a faster delivery, you’ll get two issues per month, though that means it’s also two times more expensive a month. My partner and I have chosen for the normal delivery of once a month and we pay about £40 each time.

A nice aspect of this release is that you get other goodies, from time to time. For us, these have included, for example, two (large) shuttlecraft and a t-shirt. For some of these “other goodies”, you have to pay extra… but it’s worth it; they’re really cool and cute.

The two shuttlecraft (Orinda Duyster)

My partner and I experience some difficulties with assembling all the model parts, because some of them don’t connect easily. However, if you are resourceful and have done modelling before, you will find a way to connect them.I think the makers of this build underestimated the demand of how popular it would be, which might explain why the company has been having some problems with deliveries. At times, wrong parts have been delivered, and some subscribers have cancelled their subscriptions to the series because of these issues.

However, overall, we are happy with it. My partner says there is still room for improvement. I don’t know how much, if at all, the makers already have improved the build since the model was first designed, but it’s still a surprise to discover, each time a parcel arrives, whether all the components fit.

I think every Star Trek fan would be amazed and happy to have this in his or her home, although you do need the space because it’s freaking huge and heavy, with a length of approximately seventy centimeters (equivalent to 27.5 inches). So, here’s a warning: it is not for playing with – it’s for display only!

If you’d like to know more about this build or would like to start building it, you can take a look at the webpage about this build on the Hero Collector website.

4 thoughts on “Building Hero Collector’s Enterprise-D Replica

  1. Very interesting. At 40 pound Sterling per month that seems an expensive endeavor. It looks like you were satisfied with the build. Some photos of your finished kit would have been good to include with your article. I like to build model kits myself.

  2. Well the build isn’t ready yet. We still have 26 issues to go. And like you could read in the article you will get one issue per month so it’s build that take doing over 2 years.

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