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Lower Decks‘ “The Least Dangerous Game” in Review

It’s a nice touch to jump straight to a scene with J.G. Hertzler returning to voice General Martok, even if he is only the host of the video sections of

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Lower Decks‘ “Grounded” in Review

The third season of the animated comedy Trek series is preceded by an online “Previously On” recap on Twitter, but thankfully this isn’t really necessary, as the episode opens with

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My “Second Contact” with Lower Decks

When I first learned about the existence of Star Trek: Lower Decks, I was extremely hesitant to watch it, having found that the original animated Star Trek series, with its

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Red Alarm – Cetacean, Licorice Humor Trek for the Ages!

When I recently invited my eleven-year-old son to rewatch Season 2 of Lower Decks with me because I intended to review it, I received the enthusiastic “Yes!” that I expected.

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