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The Animated Series’ “One of Our Planets is Missing” in Review

Here’s a predecessor to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. In this episode, an intergalactic cloud serves as a conceptual precursor to V’ger and Spock has a bizarre mind meld… Summary

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The Animated Series‘ “Yesteryear” in Review

Of all the episodes from Star Trek: The Animated Series, this installment has been discussed the most. I guided its Memory Alpha article to “Featured” status. Here, I’ll share my

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The Animated Series’ “Beyond the Farthest Star” in Review

Star Trek: The Animated Series is exactly fifty years old, inviting reflection on its beginnings and series premiere. How did the show start? Was the first installment enjoyable? Let’s delve

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An Interview with Fred Bronson, Part 2: The ’70s

Fred Bronson, who wrote an episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series (i.e., “The Counter-Clock Incident”) and co-wrote installments of The Next Generation (“Ménage à Troi” and “The Game”), describes himself as someone

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