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Fans may be eagerly awaiting next week’s finale of Strange New Worlds’ first season, but filming on Season 2 has just officially wrapped in Toronto. Tweets by producer/director Chris Fisher and writer/producer Bill Wolkoff have confirmed that Season 2 is now “in the can.” And while it is thought that it’s for the main unit only, fans will be pleased to know that the sophomore season of the latest series of Star Trek to join the ever-expanding franchise is one step closer to hitting screens.

The fan reaction to Season 1 has prompted how the cast have performed their roles in Season 2. Melissa Navia recently spoke to CinemaBlend about Season 2 in great detail, and how it will be improve on Season 1. “We’re seeing all that love and that’s informing what we’re doing,” she remarked. She also said that the show’s writing staff is “knocking it out of the park” with their stories for Season 2. “It incorporates Trek, and it incorporates history, it incorporates actual science and technology,” she told the site. Navia went on to say that fans will “really fall in love with this world and be a part of it.” She added, “Season 2, we’re gonna go to places that you just didn’t expect, couldn’t expect, but you’re gonna be really happy that we did.

A clapperboard from the filming of the third episode of the second season

We will probably also see both M’Benga and the Klingons return in the second season. The Klingons haven’t appeared in live-action Star Trek since April 2019, when they showed up in the second season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, “Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2”. Babs Olusomokun hinted – on last week’s edition of The Ready Room – that M’Benga will be involved with the Klingons. “What we’ll see in the next season […] is essentially exploring another side of Doctor M’Benga, a darker side of him, and perhaps we can say an exploration of his […] contentious relationship with the Klingons,” he told Wil Wheaton.

The couple of Angel (Jesse James Keitel) and Sybok may also return. Co-Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner Henry Alonso Meyers recently spoke to Inverse and stated, “That was the idea; create a charismatic villain who steals the show and whom we want to see again and again. We would love to see more of Angel, absolutely […]When and if we see Sybok again, we will see his face, absolutely.

Filming on the second season of Strange New Worlds began on 1st February. With only one episode left for US viewers to go before the end of Season 1, the wait will be a long one, but rest assured that the second season, with added James T. Kirk (as played by Paul Wesley), is coming.

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    • I agree with Judy. A few more male characters now that we are down to Pike, Spock and M’Benga

    • As opposed to an all male crew which is equally ridiculous, Judy?

      I honestly wasn’t counting gender as relevant. Why shouldn’t there be mostly women?

      Maybe Pike is exploring his “can’t get used to a woman on the bridge” referring to the young yeoman and offending Una who most definitely was on the bridge. Or maybe the First Officer assigns many of the positions and assigned lots of women on the bridge to deal with that?

  1. Can’t wait I really love this star trek version. Well dine guys

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