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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds composer Nami Melumad has told us that a soundtrack album for the first season of Strange New Worlds is on the way for the summer – possibly in late June or early July 2022. This release will potentially line up with the airing of episode 9 on 30 June or the Season 1 finale of the series, currently slated for airing on 7 July.

Melumad has also revealed to us that the Strange New Worlds album won’t include all of the music from the season. Instead, there will be select tracks from all ten episodes, totaling around seventy minutes of music.

Since 2018, season soundtrack albums have been released for Star Trek: Picard and Discovery. These soundtracks have been released on music streaming platforms and on physical media such as vinyl records and CDs.

Melumad also composes the episode scores for Star Trek: Prodigy, which featured a franchise first for how soundtracks were released. For each of the first ten episodes of that series, Paramount released the episode scores a few days after broadcast for download. Prior to this, season soundtracks were released all at once. Prodigy is also the first time a Star Trek soundtrack has been released at the same time as the corresponding series itself.

However, some fans who downloaded the Prodigy episode soundtracks have complained that they were having to continually buy the album to hear newly uploaded tracks. Melumad revealed that there are plans in the works to rectify this situation, saying, “The label is trying to avoid that, so we’re attempting to find a solution. If we can’t do a weekly thing, it will either be a two-album scenario or one album of everything.

WarpFactorTrek will keep you apprised of these developments as and when we learn of them.

7 thoughts on “Strange New Worlds Soundtrack Coming This Summer

  1. Well, it’s nearing the end of July and we haven’t seen the soundtrack yet. Any updates?

  2. This is really disappointing no soundtrack for this or the last season of discovery and the shows are coming out on Blu-Ray soon. Please release on CD or digital, people really want them.

  3. Any update??? Clearly it was not released, and yet Picard Season 3 soundtrack has pre-orders on ITunes.

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