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Drew Nichols, who worked as an Editor and Associate Producer on Star Trek: Picard, is strongly in favour of the possibility that the proposed series Star Trek: Legacy be commissioned. “More Star Trek!” he proclaims. “I want to see Seven of Nine as captain of the Enterprise. I want to see her and Raffi doing their thing. That’s such a great setup.” What other hopes does Nichols hold for Star Trek: Legacy?

Character Exploration

Nichols is hopeful that Star Trek will delve into more character-based storytelling for some of the characters from Star Trek: Picard, further exploring their motivations. “I think there’s way more stories, infinite stories, to be told in this universe. So, I’m holding out hope that’ll happen at some point, because I think there’s a lot of interesting stuff that you can get into, not just with the legacy characters but with new characters as well. There’s so many of these legacy characters that you can find out more about, but they don’t have to be the whole centerpiece of it. You know, they can be explored along the way, similar to how we had the Ro Laren episode in Season 3, which was just cool to get that kind of deep dive into Ro and it was a singular episode — it didn’t need to be anything more than that. And so, I think there’s a lot of opportunity to do that stuff.

Ro Laren on Star Trek: Picard

Nichols cites Worf as an example of one character he’d love to be further developed. “This is why I hope that there is some more of this story to tell, because I think there is a cool character study of Worf that you can get more into, about how he became like he is in his journey, which I think you can absolutely tell in another series that continues this timeline. There’s a whole episode, for sure, a deep dive into Worf and the years between the motion pictures and where we find him. What did happen through all that time? What journeys did he go through?


If Star Trek: Legacy was commissioned, Nichols would jump at the opportunity to be involved in it. He notes, “I would be up for it in a heartbeat. I think a lot of us that worked on Picard would sign up for that in a second, no problem. We love getting to play with these characters in this universe, and so hopefully we’ll get a chance to again at some point.

Nichols would be interested in working on Legacy even if not produced in the US, like Picard, but instead in Canada, like Strange New Worlds and Discovery. He notes that, if that was the case, he could feasibly work on the show remotely. “I’d be down for anything. And obviously if there’s a little travel, I’m okay with a little travel too. Nothing wrong with that. So, wherever it takes me, we’ll see. But those are all details for down the road, if and when it ever does happen. We’re just crossing our fingers that it does at some point.

Fan Support

Nichols is unaware why Star Trek: Legacy has not been commissioned but encourages the fans who would like to see it to maintain their zeal. “The fan support for it is awesome, and to see it trending on social media is pretty cool. I would say keep up the support on social media. It’s not nothing, I’ll say that. I think it certainly does help.

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