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Following yesterday’s shock announcement of the cancellation of DST London, rumours have been swirling regarding the news, with a belief that Paramount Global itself had a hand in the decision.

TrekCentral reached out to Paramount for comment on these rumours. The response – posted on TrekCentral’s social media accounts – does indeed seem to confirm that Paramount itself played a part in the sudden cancellation:

“Given the unpredictable challenges of in-person events at this time, we wanted to focus all of our resources towards delivering one strong show for European fans as opposed to two events that are a few weeks apart. We look forward to celebrating with the fans later this year in Germany.

That explanation – notably short of an apology – will only cause UK fans to feel even more neglected at a time when they already feel taken for granted.

Fandom – for a good while now – has been left with the distinct impression that Paramount cares little for its UK fans. This is just the latest in a legacy of disappointment that first began when Paramount made the decision to remove Star Trek: Discovery from Netflix just a few days before the fourth season was due to air in November 2021. Thanks to a global fan backlash to this news, Paramount initially relented, allowing the season to be broadcast in international territories on the Pluto TV channel.

However, since then, the British contingent of Trek fandom has also had to suffer the non-appearance of Star Trek: Prodigy (only recently broadcast due to it being a Nickelodeon co-production), and the most recent iteration of the Trek franchise, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, which is not officially due to air until 22nd June, when Paramount+ finally hits the UK.
With UK audiences having received episodes of Star Trek: Picard twenty-four hours after their US counterparts, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan screenings cancelled and no sign of official screenings of the 4K restoration of Star Trek: The Motion Picture (but with international screenings of it said to be in the works), this latest news appears to be yet another disappointment for UK fans.

For a franchise that prides itself on its inclusivity, Paramount seems to have no qualms regarding alienating a good portion of its international fanbase. The backlash is already growing on numerous social media accounts, as UK fans are becoming increasingly disgruntled at the way they feel they are being treated.

1 thought on “Paramount Comments on DST Cancellation

  1. I am watching Star Trek again after about 5 years. I like SNW and hope to see it develop into a classic. However, “The Ready Room” pre and post shows pumping up the other “racist, sexualized, and “woke” episodes of the two disasters “Discovery” and “Picard” are in my opinion a big pile of Klingon dung. The way the actors “feel” and this constant analysis of the new show is ridiculous and tiresome. Listen, why are you doing this crap? Just give Will (NG) a good part in the show, and not as a moderator for “the not ready room.” We don’t need the constant recap of what’s going on, we just need good stories, that sometimes end happily. If you don’t know good stories go back and watch some re runs of Wagon Train, Twilight Zone or Outer Limits for a start. You do not need to over technolize everything either, because you can’t write. SNW is like a cake in the oven, and you just can’t help putting too much icing on it, before it’s even ready. Your making it too sweet with all this pre and post show analysis, when all you have to do is a good story about human beings.

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