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A lifelong Star Trek fan from the US, Jane Gilmartin is the author of The Mirror Man (HarperCollins, 2020), a novel about cloning but that also references Star Trek through the invention of a drug called “Meld” that allows sinister access to the human mind. She is currently working on another science fiction thriller that deals with virtual reality and AI, and actively trying to find a way to put a few Trek references in that one, too!

Star Trek: Picard – Firewall in Review

David Mack’s new novel, Firewall, released this week, puts its focus on Seven of Nine in the years between USS Voyager’s return to Earth and the time fans saw her

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Sir Patrick Stewart’s Making It So

The only time I opt for the audio version of a book is if it is a memoir narrated by the author. After listening to all thirty-one hours of Sir

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very Short Treks’ “Worst Contact” in Review

I will admit to not having watched a lot of these very Short Treks. I’ve come across a few and, depending on my mood, they’re good for a quick laugh,

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