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Humble Servant Leadership: A Reflection on Best Destiny’s Captain April

“Charge means responsibility, Jimmy, decisions. Maybe lives on your hands.” This is one of the life lessons that Captain Robert April passes down to troubled sixteen-year-old Jim Kirk in Diane

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An Unsung Hero: Final Frontier‘s Captain April

Are you familiar with the first captain of the starship USS Enterprise? I don’t mean Captain Kirk, or Captain Pike, or even Captain Archer. I’m talking about Captain Robert April.

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Almost Human

On Star Trek: The Next Generation, android Data aspired to be more human. Star Trek: Voyager featured three characters who wrestled with their humanity: B’Elanna Torres, Seven of Nine, and

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How the Character of Deanna Troi Helped Me Cope With My Sudden Deafness

After going deaf in both ears from Ménière’s Disease at age twenty-two, I felt lost and alone. That is, until I saw the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled

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